I am truly, truly blessed. Some 58 years ago my parents, escaping from the remnants of their Nazi-occupied, post-war homeland in Europe, brought me to this beautiful and glorious country — These United States of America.

Over many decades I have witnessed so much history and have experienced the greatness of this country’s heritage and it’s remarkable government — of the people, by the people and for the people — impressed upon me as a child and as a citizen.

With my eyes I have shared the nation’s broken heart over the assassinations of a president, of his brother, and of the leader of a movement to grant equal rights to all Americans…

I have seen this country torn by war, division and tragedy from Southeast Asia to an inconceivable attack in New York. From natural disasters that have ravaged cities and hamlets. Yes, there was much to sadden one’s heart and memories.

But today I was reminded again of the majesty and enduring greatness of our laws, our principles and our people… all from the true leaders and heroes of our country — distilled in the remembrance a great American, John S. McCain III.

This patriot’s devotion to his country, it’s people and it’s principles is a clarion call to us all to serve this great nation in any way we can.

God Bless Us All. God Bless America.