Drunk Driving School

Work. Went to drunk driving school after work. Real serious this business. Interesting though. Made me think about drinking.


Got up and finished my second board and left for work. Did the last of my assignment at work. Power failure an 3:30pm. All of the West Side went down. Went to school and waited in the dark till 7:10pm and split home early. Power on at my house. Thank God.


Had an appointment with Ross Loos. Went there and no new information. The doctor prescribed some hydrocortisone cream. Hope it helps. Went to Jack in the Box and headed home. Shined work. Got high on the last of my dope. Finally started my homework. Got one board...

PSI-COM at the Anti

Woke. Called Perlman about his stash. He came by around twelve or so. We snorted a little and then smoked a joint. Tried to call Jeff but the line was disconnected. After he split, I hung around till early evening. Called Michael M. and we decided to see PSI-COM at...

Endearing Terms

We slept in till around 11:30am. I got up and so did she (in bed though) we watched “Terms of Endearment” together. I had to go to an appointment with my counselor at drunk driving school at 2:30pm. So we parted and I went there and then stroked around Hollywood Blvd....