God Bless John McCain, God Bless America

I am truly, truly blessed. Some 58 years ago my parents, escaping from the remnants of their Nazi-occupied, post-war homeland in Europe, brought me to this beautiful and glorious country — These United States of America. Over many decades I have witnessed so much...

Painting a Grim Picture

Another blank. Oh Dave and I got together during the day. He took me to my mom’s to get painting equipment and then we went searching for a house for him to rent. Went back to my place and got high. Hung out at home. Sleep.

Who Knows?

Can’t remember anything special. Think I it took easy today. Might have gone out tonite — don’t know.

Zero, Frolic, Fetish, Zero and Cantors… oh, my!

Janice going to Delano so I’m on my own this weekend. Work. Got together w/ Michael M., Casey, Gary and Mike. Went to Zero for art show — too late. Met Janis (Bar-D) and friend, went to Frolic and then to Fetish. Just cased the joint though. Finally, back to the Zero....


Got some real catching up to do diary. Here goes — work. Went to Bar-D with Janice. We had a good time I’m sure. During the eve KC (the black bouncer) came up and offered us free admission next Thursday if we gave up our seats, which we did and promptly sat with Paul...